Dynamic Eyes Optometrist has been serving the Krugersdorp community for the past 20 years.  We are part of the Dynamic Vision Network group. Dynamic Vision is a group of independent optometrists in South Africa who strive to practice optometry in our own capacity to provide our patients with the personal and professional eye care services they deserve

Dynamic Eyes Optometrist aspire to be the first in mind of our customers when choosing QUALITY eye care and wellness solutions. We are committed to building lifelong, CARING relationships with our customers and believe in PERSONALISED care through best advise and a specialisation in high performance eyeware.

Looking after your eyes is extremely important. Your eyes don’t always show obvious symptoms when there is a problem. The eyes do not hurt when there is something wrong. Most causes of vision loss are preventable if diagnosed early.

Only a comprehensive eye test will be able to pick up any problems. No one has ever regretted having an eye test but they may regret NOT having one! With that in mind we advise patients to have a comprehensive eye examination every 12 months.


Are you due for an eye test? Call Dynamic Eyes Optometrist now on 011 273 0107/8 and book an appointment.