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Dynamic Kids Vision is based at Dynamic Eyes Optometrists we have a special interest in Paediatric Optometry.

This includes all aspects of your child’s vision and vision related learning difficulties.

Our qualified staff have undergone additional training in various fields to help your child with their sight and their performance at school.

If you have any doubt about what your child needs feel free to consult with one of our professionals.


We offer the following services:

•    Children’s Vision Screenings (school or practice based)
•    Comprehensive Binocular Eye Examinations
•    Dyslexia Screening and  Evaluation (Rooi Appel) (www.disleksie.co.za)
•    Cycloplegic Refractions
•    Visual Efficiency Evaluation
•    Visual Perceptual Skills Evaluation
•    Vision Therapy (accommodative, vergence, eye teaming, oculormotor control)
•    Color Overlay testing
•    Reading evaluation – using the Visagraph Apparatus (electronic infrared read analysis.)  This report is used to determine the most appropriate method of reading therapy.
•    Wise Eye Reading Therapy
•    Read for Africa Phono-graphix Reading and Spelling Therapy


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